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Is this property good value?

Has the price changed?

How long has it been on the market?

Houser tracks every property, every day so you can compare any property against similar properties.

Our easy to understand charts show you exactly when the seller changed the price last.

We help buyers and renters make better decisions by giving them the latest market infrormation.

We help sellers and estate agents know how long and for how much their property should sell.

By using Houser I saved €50 000!

Sandis, happy property buyer

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"One of the top 10 startups that people are talking about."

"... Luxembourg's newest start-up,, launched by two friends is set to transform the approach of hopeful buyers by aggregating prices on a particular property or in a given area."

"Housing costs are rising faster than inflation! ... Houser will tell you by how much each property is under- or over-priced compared to the average, and whether the house has been on the market longer than normal for that area and price range ..."

Historic information is available for the first time ever on a real estate platform!

Claire Aumont, real-estate agent

A service with great potential for professionals and a real opportunity to develop it in other countries!

Jean-Paul Scheuren, President CIGDL

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